Registry of ARZ Rated Buildings & Registered Projects in Lebanon

Lebanon Green Building Council is excited to announce that BLC Headquarters building of 3900 m2 is the first ARZ rated building meeting a credible score in green building and performance measures and is awarded the ARZ Bronze Certificate.


The ARZ BRS is an evidence based approach to assessing how green a building is. The system includes a list of technologies, techniques, procedures and energy consumption levels that LGBC expects to see in green buildings. An assessor accredited by LGBC will take an inventory of the energy and water consumption, technologies, techniques and procedures that are used in the building and then LGBC will score the building according to how well the inventory matches the list of technologies, techniques and procedures that make up the ARZ BRS requirements. The results of an assessment are a certificate issued by LGBC that details the level achieved, an accompanying report with recommendations on how the rating level could be improved and a plaque to be erected on the building premises.

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